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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Bridge TNH

Oh boy, did I have fun doing the work on this week's "Bridge" theme!  Let me take you on a tour where I scouted for the potential TNH shots.

I went to the location where I shot my Rural TNH because it was rather remote, making it ideal to get naked without getting busted.  I got there and...

Fuck, there's an island in the way of the view of the bridge.  No fucking way I could pull it off plus the great distance.  The self timer app just doesn't allow for zoom. 

I drove back the way I came, hoping for a better and unobstructed view.  1 mile from the bridge's route, 3/4 mile, 1/2 mile, 1/4 mile...None at all.  Then I spotted a side road just few feet from the route and I drove down to the end of the lookout point.

Shit...the angle was too steep.  Too hard to see, plus it's hard by the route.  Way too close.  I suddenly freaked out when I felt something vibrate violently against my right hand.  I looked down and saw I had yet another visitor, just like when I shot my Urban TNH.

A mature grasshopper.  I thought it was unusual to have that happen to me twice in the same area in the span of few weeks.  Right after I snapped that shot, it flew right out of the window and glided a long way across into the marsh.  Hmm.

When I pulled out of the lookout point, I saw a road go under the bridge (you can see a little of that in the picture before the grasshopper's appearance) and I followed it.  It led me to a little park that wasn't visible from the route at all.  I drove into it and...

HOLY SHIT!  The view is magnificent!  This is from the ground view of a lock & dam that had been dismantled in the 40's to make way for progress and new bridges.  There was a lookout tower, so I went up that and all I could say is...

"Nice view!"  The winds blew in and I quickly changed my mind about doing TNH there.  I could not guarantee the safety of my cameras up there and I knew I had to scout one more location because there was a sign at the entrance of this park, saying "Open at Sunrise, Close at Sunset".  I was concerned about having to park my car and hike half a mile to this spot.  I'll save that as backup in case.

Drove to this spot where I did the Urban TNH and fuck, fuckity fuck!  The bridge is even further away.  Shit.  At least I did the "Unfinished" theme by scouting beforehand and returning hours later to finish the job.

I drove back to the Urban TNH spot at night and there were three different groups of people there.  One were fishing and the other two were taking in the view...yeah, that's it...the view...  Fuck.  Time to go to the backup plan.  I drove to the park, expecting to see the gate in place and locked. 

N-O-P-E!  My heart thumped at the stroke of luck and that worried me more - what if a ranger came by later on?  Suddenly I had the answer for the third theme of "Letting Go".  Guess what I got for letting go?  The moon lit up the whole area, making it easy for me to find my way back to that spot.

Despite not having a spotter, I enjoyed doing the scouting work.  Oh...I have bloopers for you at TNH's Tumblr.  Yes, plural.  LOL

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KaziGrrl said...

You should wave at Dee for another scavenger notch, this definitely qualifies! :D

~Kazi xxx

Twisted Angel said...

see the only bridges I have around here are covered ones. Which I have thought of going to do some ahem special shots at.. but you didn't hear that from me. Gorgeous night view.. I need to go on a road trip with you lol

PaganPrincess said...

Interesting as always. We don't often get to see all of you, so I enjoyed that. I appreciate the backstory and working through getting your shots. Even more so this week, makes me feel less conspicuous about how long MY post is. :D

the late phoenix said...

fantastic stuff as usual. don't worry about those mature grasshoppers, they have already gone through their rebellious teenage years, they should be nice and easygoing now...

Jack and Jill said...

Wow, quite the odyssey! We love the play-by-play you invariably include in each post; considering the relative simplicity of our own TNH-photo-taking process it really shows your dedication to the meme.

Great shots as always; though we didn't take a new bridge picture for this week's TNH, opting instead to use one from the archives, I searched in vain for an hour for a photo I'd taken of a local bridge that looks quite a bit like yours. A shame I didn't find it; it was a nice shot.


Nolens Volens said...

Kazi - I will do that...thanks for reminding me!


Phoenix - you ARE the grasshopper, grasshopper.

J & J - that's what makes it fun...you just never know what you'll encounter.

Curvaceous Dee said...

Wow! You sure had to work for it, but it's definitely worth it for the end result - fantastic stuff!

I've updated the Scavenger Hunt page.

xx Dee